Slybots Frantic Zone

Camouflage is your most dangerous weapon

Following a “Fatal Exception Error”, four little all-purpose robots have been considered faulty and have been marked as out-of-order. They get crazy and start fighting for their survival. Take their control in the frantic zone and leverage 4 unique stealth mechanics to catch your sly foes off-guard.

Don’t be afraid to use dirty tricks to win amazing 3-minute matches across different game modes, proving that you don’t belong to the e-waste dump.


Team ERROR is a team of three born specifically to develop the game Slybots: Frantic Zone (previously called FATAL ERROR). It is made up of designer (Tiny Coloss), programmer and composer, working together from three different locations spread around Europe!

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Slybots: Frantic Zone is a dual-stick shooter reinvented with stealth mechanics. Immerse yourself in crazy 3-minute matches, and enjoy the adrenalin rush of the most frantic zone you’ve ever seen.