Mangatar is a groundbreaking Italian game company and publisher. Leveraging the potential of smart publishing, Mangatar focuses on casual and mid-core games on mobile devices, PC and connected TVs.


Mangatar is a groundbreaking Italian game company and publisher. Leveraging the potential of smart publishing, Mangatar focuses on casual and mid-core games on mobile devices, PC and connected TVs. Aiming to create a real hub of gems, Mangatar supports the development of new titles, providing skills and solutions.

Fully committed to innovation, Mangatar relies on data-driven design, ongoing analysis of gamers’ behaviour, and specific free-to-play business model.

In the crowded gaming landscape, users are constantly searching for new, polished experiences. At the same time, small indie teams or early stage startups have even less chance to generate a hit. Mangatar’s Smart Publishing Hub project aims to create a network supporting indie teams and devs.


The team behind Mangatar is composed of close-knit professionals who have been working together for about 10 years, mostly in the entertainment and gaming fields.

Our new titles will mirror the expertise of our top-notch professionals. In fact, we are shaping a talented network of developers, artists and indie teams in view of creating an exclusive gaming hub of gems.


Mangatar’s network is made up of game studios and freelancers who get involved in game development or, if selected for the Smart Publishing area, get support in preparation for launch and commercialization of their titles published by Mangatar.

Mangatar does not just support the launch and commercialization, but effectively contributes to creating those games by providing indie teams with strategic and technical solutions such as analytics, balance models for game mechanics, monetization models, testing and debugging systems, social and multiplayer frameworks, cross promotion, marketing campaigns; we also provide indie teams with expert professionals (sound designers, composers, authors, scriptwriters, translators, senior developers) or our developers and game artists to speed up and polish the product.

In a well-defined legal framework, Mangatar makes specific agreements with developers focusing on revenue share, and aiming at a win-win scenario in order to consolidate relationships and to attract talented professionals.


The entrepreneurial spark stemmed from the experience the cofounders shared on complex projects related to entertainment and from their common passion for videogames, anime and manga. In 2011, the team contributed to developing successful FaceYourManga, one of the most popular applications for creating manga avatars. This experience led to the foundation of the company in March 2012.

The young startup launched Mangatar Saga, the first title developed as a prototype and hit two important milestones: the National Award for Innovation (PNI CUBE 2012) and the seed investment from Digital Investment SCA SICAR (dPixel, advisory). After the valuable experience in San Francisco, where the team attended Mind the Bridge Startup School, Mangatar started to work on Dengen Chronicles, a brilliant card game with TCG and RPG elements.

In 2013, Mangatar launched the beta version of Dengen Chronicles and was selected to AppCampus, the mobile application accelerator program financed by Nokia and Microsoft.

Mangatar’s card game was enhanced for the mobile audience and in 2014, Dengen Chronicles was launched for Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices, winning over 600k gamers all over the world and currently counting more than 30k monthly active users.

In 2015, Mangatar raised €1.1m in funding via Fi.R.A. (Finanziaria Regionale Abruzzese)’s StartHope and Invitalia’s Smart&Start Italia.

The company starts a new phase of expansion and growth.


Over the past decade, the interactive entertainment world has almost tripled in size as a result of a range of innovations: mobile, broadband, new revenue model. The gaming market, including PC DLC, Digital Console, Mobile, Social, MMO, VR, eSports and Retail, is expected to hit $100B in 2017, driven by the Asian market. [Source: Superdata, Global Games Market Report —2015]

Mangatar is particularly experienced in Free-to-Play model on mobile, while experimenting and analyzing the potential of premium titles, especially on Steam. Mangatar aims to monetize on mid-core games which, unlike casual and super casual titles, can generate revenues in the long run, and focusing on a specific known audience.

Additionally, Mangatar is building a strong network of relations with key stores and distribution channels: Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Windows Mobile App Store, Steam (the world’s largest online gaming platform created by Valve), Windows 10 Store. Mangatar is already working with local partners in East Europe/ Russia and China to distribute games on Android store and PC.


  • National Award for Innovation 2012: Best Startup of the Year
  • StartCup Campania 2012
  • Wind Business Factor 2012
  • Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative
  • Nonick Startup 2.0 Competition


Mangatar Saga
Year: 2012
Team: Mangatar
Mangatar Saga is a MMORPG set in the Manga Universe.

Dengen Chronicles
Year: 2014
Team: Mangatar
Dengen Chronicles is a customizable card game with RPG elements for Manga lovers.

Slybots: Frantic Zone
Year: 2016
Team: Team Error
Slybots: Frantic Zone is a dual-stick shooter reinvented with stealth mechanics.

Asgard Rift: Battle Arena
To be released in 2016
Team: Mangatar
Asgard Rift is a tactical card game with collectible characters.


Industry: Gaming

Founded: Mar 2012

Based in: Milano, Italia

R&D Division: Salerno, Italia

Publishing Hub: Pescara, Italia


Current Investors:
SCA SICAR (Advisory Firm: dPixel)
FIRA spa

Andrea Postiglione (CEO)
Enrico Rossomando (Co-Founder)
Alfredo Postiglione (Co-Founder)
Niccolò Sanarico (Digital Investments)
Raffaele Mauro (FIRA)

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Piazza Quattro Novembre 7 – 20124
Milano, Italia

Business Contact:
business [at]